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Why Not Consulting Group

As IT innovation gathers momentum emerging organisations, with truly innovative technology, need the platform to drive market penetration and growth. 

Why Not Consulting Group, founded by a team of experienced Sales Professionals, has been created to help close this market gap. By leveraging our strong professional networks and our experience in selling in the enterprise market, WNCG is helping link strong technology to business needs.

We firmly believe that the traditional Sales Model is broken and we are demonstrating that a new model can successfully close the gap between new technology providers and enterprise buyers.

This new model develops stronger relationships and trust across an ever-expanding network to provide significant benefits beyond the initial engagements for all. A platform will emerge that generates continual improvement in buying and selling cycles for all.

At WNCG we are focused on helping our clients improve agility, specifically business agility powered by workforce agility. As the ‘contingent workforce’ becomes a key mainstream source of talent, organisations need to embrace the disruption to traditional organisational dynamics.

Our HR solution stack helps our customers to advance their journey toward true project-based workforce agility while addressing the flow-on effects brought about by that change.

“Those organisations that can adjust to the rapidly changing landscape will outpace their rivals and position themselves for extraordinary growth in uncertain times.”

WNCG is a true enabler—bringing relevant and innovative technology to the enterprise—we work by being the sales arm to great technology developers—we believe we can bring scale through our strength of relationships and our open approach—we aim for successful outcomes.