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The key to sustaining attention in online learning?

Incorporating tests!

Evidence from Harvard University suggests that interpolating online educational content with memory tests can motivate students to focus on study materials in a manner that benefits learning.

Benefits include:

✔️ Reduced mind wandering during lectures

✔️ Encourages task-relevant activities, such as note-taking

✔️ Enhanced knowledge retention and performance

✔️ Learning is less mentally taxing

✔️ Associated with reduced anxiety toward a final cumulative test

Today’s learning environments are rapidly changing. Online learning is becoming more and more of the norm, yet learner engagement is still a challenge.

Many students are feeling disengaged and disconnected, finding it harder to stay focused and keep up with their lessons online.

Educators are also having a hard time with their lessons, aiming to deliver the same quality education they used to in the traditional classroom. With such drastic changes to the industry, we’re all now seeking ways to better run classes online.

This is where Quitch comes in.

Here we talk you through our tips to create an engaging online lecture.

Divide the lecture into sections that allow for short breaks.

During each break, encourage students to answer the corresponding questions in the Quitch app.


Check for understanding.

View real-time analytics on comprehension and engagement with the Quitch educator portal.


Share the leaderboard.

Add a little friendly competition by showing the leaderboard results — reward those who are doing well.


Review areas of difficulty.

Take the time to go over topics that are showing low accuracy.

Quitch enables you to create great online courses that increase engagement in a remote learning environment.

I loved the fact that it was like a game where we could collect points. That was truly motivating and helped us understand topics easily.

Quitch Learner

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