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Quitch for the workplace

Motivate employees in an engaging and accessible way.

Achieve time, cost and resource efficiencies. Quitch complements and supports face to face training. It identifies quickly the team’s strengths and capabilities as well as the areas that require upskilling. This real-time information saves the organisation time and resources by allowing a focus on employee needs.

Make learning fun. Quitch provides a more exciting and entertaining way to deliver training as it supports a combination of video, text and audio instructional content formats. Increase your staff engagement with fun and interactive quizzes to enhance your training programs.

Keep employees up to date with notifications. Whether its new products, policies or training, Quitch allows you to keep your employees up to date on the latest news with announcements sent straight to their mobile phones.

Our work in action:

Quitch ticks the boxes for Leighton O’Brien’s field technician training

“It’s made our training program much more scalable and efficient in the way it’s delivered”.