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Quitch is delighted to be a member of the AWS EdStart Accelerator Program

Quitch is a gamified content-neutral mobile learning platform that challenges learners in a fun way!

Educators curate and structure ‘quizzes’ and invite their learners, via a free app on their mobile phones, to compete for prestige, points and badges.

Quitch was built by an academic, Gráinne Oates, CEO and founder, that was facing challenges with her students to engage with the content. In today’s digital era the education sector is struggling to keep students engaged in learning and are lagging in technology innovation. Quitch provides real-time data on learner performance allowing for early intervention, simple-to-set up and use, and can disseminate content in bite-sized ‘chunks’. The Quitch app is available to learners anytime, anywhere, and provides personalised analytics and real-time feedback.

Quitch has traction across education institutions, professional associations and corporates. Some of our current customers include:

  • The University of Sydney,
  • Swinburne University,
  • The Insurance Institute of Ireland, and

Quitch is delighted to be a member of the AWS EdStart Accelerator Program. Through the program, we have been able to leverage a wide range of AWS services to build an efficient, scalable and secure infrastructure base for our platform. This has allowed us to shift our focus into product development and significantly reduced our risk of technology failure, which is essential for the future success of our startup.