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Our story

In 2015, accounting lecturer Dr Grainne Oates decided to do something about her biggest challenge⁠—engaging and retaining distracted students struggling with their course content. As she watched her class of 500 file out of the lecture theatre, every single student was attached to their mobile phone.

Mulling over the problem, Dr Oates devised an idea to harness the very thing that was distracting her students to learn. The solution was Quitch⁠—a gamified, mobile e-learning app that changes the way learners engage with knowledge.

Quitch harnesses mobile technology to engage students, improve retention and boost performance through game-based techniques. Dr Oates trialled Quitch with her students, with impressive results⁠—student retention improved by 12% and student performance by 7%.

Quitch is now delivering learning outcomes for educators and trainers in universities, colleges, businesses and associations across the globe.